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Post your comments or questions here. I'll generally get back to you w/in 24 hours! (Be sure to check the Teaching Tips page, too!) In general, for the certificate course you just follow the coursebook, doing most of the exercises, including one 2x6 and then move on. How much you practice depends on you. If you do one module a week, that would mean doing the coursebook module on one day, for about an hour, and then practicing the PMP (pedagogical movement pattern) as "homework" 2 more times during the week, maybe 30 minutes each time. If you are naturally more kinaesthetic, just an hour may be sufficient. If not, maybe longer. After module 5 you do a video test of the PMPs from each of the modules, about 1 minute long or less, so you may need to go back and review. Ideally, when you practice you should begin with a warm up of some kind and review previous PMPs before you get to the new stuff!



Bill Acton said...

Once you sign up for the course or the course plus certification, we send the Course Book and Instructor Notes as PDFs, along with the current password for the videos (from Vimeo.com). If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them here or on email (info@actonhaptic.com). In the next six months, several of the videos will be replaced. As that happens you'll be provided with the new URLs, both here and as a direct email. The updated version of the DVDs will be available this fall. (If you have purchased DVDs, those will be replaced, free of charge as well.)

Bill Acton said...

Just got a question on the tests. Once you finish M5 or M10, you just email us and we'll send you the test format. We'll get back your results within a week or so. The feedback you'll get will give you an idea as to what we think of your PMPs, whether they are accurate enough to be used in modeling or correcting students in class. If you don't pass, you can take the part of the test over that was not up to standards. That is typically, just one or two 1-minute videos or one of the 10 questions on the short answer written final test is not good enough. If so, all you have to redo is just the specific question or two, not the whole thing. In other words, the tests are really just formative. Everybody passes . . . eventually!

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